By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

ISTANBUL —  It’s a city so massive that it spans two continents, and even the taxi drivers have to stop and ask for directions.  The five daily calls to prayer give Istanbul a conservative soundtrack, while folks who flock to Istiklal Street by the thousands to soak up a nightlife that dares even the most adventurous party-goers to keep up.

Venders hawk you through the halls of the Grand Bazaar, clamoring for your business in whichever language you’re willing to bargain; still, other locals have mastered the art of relaxation, leaning back into cushioned seats for hours at a time and pulling slowly on flavored tobacco through a water pipe (or nargile  in Turkish).

This Friday, the last four Euroleague teams standing will venture within eyesight of Asia to settle the score.  Their journeys here are as unique and varying as the Turkish megacity that’s hosting them.

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