By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Our eyes are red, glazed over. Our sleep schedules, shot to Hell. Our nerves? In a twisted fit. You don’t need to have a Web M.D. to tie these symptoms to their source.

The Euroleague Lockin rages on, and we’re caught in the eye of the norm.

And as we summon every last ounce of energy we’ve got to stay on top of the action—Kirilenko packing on the ranking on weekdays, Kyle getting buckets on the weekends, and Akin Aking-balling every day in between—Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu has picked up an extra batch of salt and made it rain all over our wounds.

According to a TalkBasket report, the evil genius is making moves (again). Some of the highlights:

-A Top 16 consisting of only two groups of eight teams.

-This means that instead of six games, Top 16 teams will now be responsible for playing 14. Likewise, us fan and blogger types will be expected to watch them. Ugh.

-Instead of games on Wednesdays and Thursdays, they will shift back a day to Thursdays and Fridays. Starting my weekend with some Friday Euroleague? No thank you.

-And finally, there will only be one spot up for grabs in the qualifying round. The other spot will morph into a B License and hand itself out to a deserving party.

In essence, Jordi is suggesting that the Euroleague is a good thing and that we should consume more of it. I don’t know where he gets off making such outrageous assertions, but let me guarantee you that “playing real games” is not always what’s best for the league.

I mean, are you suggesting Dan Gilbert and Donald Sterling don’t know what they’re doing?

OK, that’s it: get me George Cohen.