By: Jordan White / @jordanswhite

It happened on March 9th, against LA
Ricky went to double Kobe, a simple play
But his knee buckled
and Ricky crumbled.

He writhed on the floor in agony,
His face was painted in misery.
Now he’s out for the season,
This season without reason.

Through Ricky’s inspired play
The T’Wolves had found their way
Into the fight for a playoff seed.
The future looked bright, indeed.

His unselfishness
His passing

His jumper was better than we thought.
Remember this three point shot?
He and Love had such great chemistry
One would think he was Love’s bestie.

Without Rubio, are the Wolves doomed?
Will they revert to being elite teams’ food?
Rubio’s impact was profound,
Surely the season was lost when he was downed.

Fear not, O Timberwolves faithful!
You still have Love and Pek, a front line formidable
Derrick Williams has continued playing well
And Luke Ridnour is solid, I’m sure you can tell.

And while now you may be downtrodden
Rubio’s debut will not be forgotten.
Ricky will be back by this time next year
Making the Timberwolves a team to fear.

Jordan White writes Ballingual weekly for Euroleague Adventures. Follow Jordan on Twitter.