Erazem Lorbek, Donatas Motiejunas, JBAM, Dario Saric Buyout

PODCAST: Where’s Erazem? Plus the Dario Saric Buyout and Donatas Motiejunas’ Zalgiris Prediciton

There are four undefeated Euroleague teams entering week five: Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, Maccabi, and…Zalgiris?

The Old Guard has come together in Kaunas, and they’ve got a very special fan watching in the States: Donatas Motiejunas of the Houston Rockets.  ELA talked to the former Zalgiris prospect and current NBA rookie in the Houston locker room, and he had plenty to say about his former club’s success.

Also: The latest on Dario Saric’s reported (controversial) buyout with KK Zagreb, the danger with Maccabi’s weak schedule, a groundbreaking new fantasy strategy and we decide which game is worthy of being the #JBAM Game of the Week.

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9 thoughts on “PODCAST: Where’s Erazem? Plus the Dario Saric Buyout and Donatas Motiejunas’ Zalgiris Prediciton”

  1. About a minute in Nick basically paraphrased part of his interview with Donatas where the big Lithuanian thought Zalgiris might have a chance to win a championship. About a minute in. Is he right? They are no question in the conversation. We didn’t dig too deep into Zalgiris this pod because we’ve talked about them on the mic so much already. Had to spread some love to other Euroleague teams.

    1. Hey Vaidas,

      I’m about to post the video interview with Donatas from after Friday’s game in Atlanta. No Zalgiris talk on there, but I asked him about his new digs in the NBA, his exclusion from the Lithuanian National Team and existing amid all the Jamesery HarLin fuss.

      Hope it makes up for it.

  2. I’ve heard conflicting things on the Šarić/Efes thing. I think he wants the year in Croatia to finish school. If he did end up on KK Split this year, that would be cool as hell. They have literally no money, Šarić would play big minutes and it’d be cool for them to catch that break, especially when Vujčić pretty much saved the team AND can still ball.

    1. Interesting thoughts Rob. School. Basketball players go to school? How outside the box of you. To think, we never even thought about the education end. Well I guess I am part of the problem then. Cheers and hopes that he does stay in Croatia and play with Split this year.

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