by Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

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Down 2-0 in the opening round of the 2010 Playoffs, Milwaukee sprouted antlers and took three straight from Atlanta—the third of which came on the Highlight Factory’s hallowed hardwood—and the Buckswagon welcomed passengers aboard by the dozen. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was finally earning national praise for suffocating would-be scorers, John Salmons made us all wonder whether he was a legitimate first option on a Playoff team and ESPN showed Andrew Bogut’s Theisman-esque elbow pretzeling so many times that squeamish started feeling normal. More impressively still, Brandon Jennings found a barber’s chair alongside Super Hairoes Kid n’ Play and Kenny “Sky” Walker on Google’s Hi-Top Fade Hall of Fame.

Then the Hawks, who had come too far to just not get swept by the Magic, wrapped up two going away presents for Mike Woodson, much to general Wisconsin chagrin. But it was too late for blues and boos in Bucktown. Milwaukee had made a sufficient racket, giving the narrow defeat a triumphant afterglow. The seeds of misguided hope and, thus, inevitable letdown had already taken root.

Because while picking up the pieces from their Playoff ‘defeat,’ they forgot to ask themselves one very important question: Were these pieces good enough in the first place? The answer was no. Even if each edge aligned with the next and every bulge locked into its corresponding nook, what do we have? A team that would be lucky to sniff a No. 7 seed in the new Eastern Conference.

And with a fresh selection of pieces on the floor in front of me, it’s time to find one that fits.

With the 10th pick in the 2011 SLAMonline Mock Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select…

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