By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Timofey Mozgov is going back to BC Khimki, and he’s bringing one of his new NBA buddies, Chris Quinn of the Spurs, with him.

After dominating the Eastern Conference for 34 games with the Knicks in 2010, Timofey was the centerpiece (basically, if you think about it) of a deal that brought Carmelo Anthony to New York. The Western Conference would never be the same. Timofey got off to a torrid start with the Nuggets and when it was all said and done, his averages were an eye-popping 2.6 points and 1.6 rebounds per game in 66 minutes spread over 11 games.

His Knick-Nugget stats combined left him with a 3.6 rookie scoring average. Nothing to scoff at when you consider that pace would have him breaking Kareem’s all-time mark in only 129 seasons. Now we’re forced to wait and see, only able to guess what could’ve been.

Assuming this contract is Stern-proof, he should be back in Denver for the $4.1 million he’s owed once the NBA locks itself in again, though I doubt the Nuggets will make him a restricted free agent next summer with a qualifying offer of over five million. There are, however, only two centers currently on the roster in Timofey and Chris Anderson (are you counting Kosta Koufos? Me neither.), so let’s not jump over Timofey and into conclusions. That would be rude.

Who could forget Timofey’s performance in Blake Griffin’s short film, Teabagging, a role that got him nominated for the NBA’s Best Supporting Actor award. Sadly, however, he was beaten out by a Kia Optima. Or maybe it was Danilo Gallinari. I forget.

Take a look:

Breathtaking. Almost felt as if it were real. We all know, of course, that Timofey could’ve easily swatted that or retaliated with an equally monstrous posterization, but he had a role to play. And play it he did.

Timofey would get his revenge on the Dunk Contest star. No, not Blake, but doesn’t DeMar DeRozan still count?

Oh yeah, and BC Khimki signed Chris Quinn too. With both he and Hilton Armstrong in Europe, I need to find two fill-ins for my “Well if ________ and ________ play in the NBA, I wouldn’t rule out [insert very mediocre player]’s chances.”

It’s not that Quinn is bad, I just couldn’t ever take him seriously as an NBA player. He’s always made more sense in Europe to me. Maybe because he’s white. I guess that makes me a racist.

With these two slapped onto a roster that’s returning most of its core, including the likes of Keith Langford, Kresimir Loncar and Zoran Planinic, Khimki might just make it through the qualifying round and into the Euroleague for a second straight season.