A good week for the boys had Slam going 9-3 and Freaknick at 11-1, which means Freaknick leapfrogs Slam and the season standings are as follows: SLAM: 43-17; FREAKNICK: 44-16.  Freaknick takes a 1 game lead in this tug-o-war match, but that doesn’t mean Slam won’t find his wisdom again.  Week 7 might end up being a make or break week for a lot of teams so let’s see who they pick. Also, you can read Freaknick’s extended preview in SLAM Magazine.

Wednesday's Euroleague games.

Asvel @ FB Ulker
Slam: Asvel has a tough road ahead with games at Ulker and Siena, along with a home contest against Barcelona.  I think it’s going to amount to three straight losses with the first one in Istanbul. FB Ulker

Freaknick: Fenerbahce.

Rytas will lean on Bojan Popovic (pictured) and young guard Martynas Gecevicius to lead them into the Top 16.Orleans @ Lietuvos Rytas

Slam: Rytas win’s this game and it might not even be close as Martynas Gecevicius gets his long distance stroke back and goes bonkers. Rytas

Freaknick: Rytas.

Union Olimpija @ Maroussi

Slam: Maroussi already took care of business against Union on the road and I think it will be the same result back home. Maroussi

Freaknick: Union Olimpija.

Panathinaikos @ BC Khimki

Slam: Khimki lost this game by 33 points last time out, 33 points.  I know they’re undefeated at home but that will end here. Panathinaikos

Freaknick: Panathinaikos.

Real Madrid @ Asseco Prokom

Slam: Once Felipe Reyes gets comfortable look out, Madrid rolls and then it’s only 1 month til I get to see them live. Madrid

Freaknick: Madrid.

EWE Baskets @ AJ Milano

Slam: I’ve been an AJ supporter all season long and I can’t let them down now, GO MILANO.  Breakout game for the young Jeff Viaggiano. Milano

Freaknick: AJ Milano.

Thursday's Euroleague games.

Barcelona @ Cibona

Slam: I’m still riding shotgun on the blue Cibona bandwagon thinking they have a chance to get to the Top 16 so why not? They get a win in a trap game for Barcelona….. WHAT, did you think I went crazy? I like Cibona but Barca in a rout. Barcelona

Freaknick: Barcelona.

Montepaschi Siena @ Zalgiris

Slam: Zalgiris hasn’t won a game since week 1, I would say that’s not good for their future outlook.  Siena

Freaknick: Montepaschi Siena.

Unicaja @ Olympiacos

Slam: Oooo yes this should be a dandy, the best teams in Group B going at it.  I’ve picked against Olympiacos way too many times at home and I can’t do it again here. Olympiacos

Freaknick: Olympiacos.

Efes Pilsen @ Partizan

Slam: Did anyone else see what Partizan did to Unicaja last week? I’ve got to ride with the Gravediggers at home. Partizan

Freaknick: Partizan.

Caja Laboral @ Maccabi Electra

Slam: This looks like what could be the makings of another great game.  Tiago Splitter wants to show everyone that he alone should be better than the entire Maccabi frontline, mark him down for 20 and 10. Caja

Freaknick: Caja Laboral.

CSKA Moscow @ Lottomatica Roma

Slam: One team is going one way and the other team is going another, if you get my drift.  Look out for Moscow. Moscow

Freaknick: CSKA Moscow.