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  1. I would just like to say that I made a promise I would watch the Knicks if they got Johnny Flynn…looks like another lost year…I do like Jordan Hill though, and it could’ve been worse…they could have taken Hansborough…Lebron 2010??

    1. Lucky for you, you might get to watch Spanish bulldog Carlos Cabezas run some point next year, so stay tuned. And I had Jordan Hill going to the Knicks in my mock anyways. I’m not really sure what all the fuss was about. Anybody that watched him play knows that he’s not just a beast, but a beast with springs and a decent jumper.

  2. Bmeyer checking in, the Knicks missed out on Flynn and Curry, I feel so bad. If only they had plucked Christian Eyenga when they had the chance.

  3. just starting to check out your new site…. i think i am too old to really get it, but i’ll keep exploring.

  4. Eyenga?… is he good?… I kno the cavs aren’t bout to use him really… Especially if my boy danny Green starts hoopin like he’s supposed to…. I don’t mess with the whole Shaq thing tho… the NBA has been real shifty lately…. lebrello and shaq?…kobe and artest?… Have you heard ron’s new michael jackson rap btw… he’s definitely a basketball player…. any way i feel the site… just showin yall that crucial love….hope u can keep my foreign basketball knowledge up to speed… well actually my whole basketball knowledge… holler

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  6. The site gets better all the time. More info @ the euroleague than anyone should want. Love the pics and bios. Hope to see u in Madrid Nick!

  7. Doing a great job, guys. I’m impressed with your interest in european basketball. I’m loving the podcasts and never miss one. What happened with the rap jingle with the latest news? The “pilot” one was hilarious.

  8. This site is pretty sweet. I really enjoy the sort by college function. You guys did great work. Historical rosters would be a neat feature too. I know that is just greedy. Keep up the good work!

    Go Cats!

  9. Historical rosters…like an archive of each years roster for each team or at least be able to see all of the players from whichever college that have played in the Euroleague. Make any more sense? I know that would be really hard to accumulate all of that information; that’s why I said I was being greedy.

    Go Cats!

  10. where do i find the high school prospects that wanna play over seas instead of enroll in college do u guys have anything like that?

  11. I’m glad the series is over so that we can start tilakng again, Dre!And yes, as a Lakers fan, I want to give credit where credit is due. Once again, we can thank George Karl for a series of mystifying coaching moves. It was plainly obvious to anyone watching the series that the Nuggets’ best players were Lawson, McGee, Faried, Miller, and Brewer. The minutes to Afflalo I can forgive; he’s generally a good player. But Karl’s reliance on Harrington continues to confound. I can only conclude that either he is blackmailing Karl with evidence of the various sexts he sent to Larry Brown and Michael Jordan, or that he is actually Karl’s illegitimate son (thus making him Coby Karl’s half-brother).

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