PODCAST: Bosphorus Bros, Bottom Feeders and WTFers

With the regular season halfway to the finish, Nick, Sam and Rob divide the 24 Euroleague teams into tiers and conquer each others’ reasoning with stats, Told ya so’s and JBAM hyperbole.

Among the six tiers we settled on are: The Bosphorus Bros, The Bottom Feeders and ELA’s What The Fuckers.

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: Bosphorus Bros, Bottom Feeders and WTFers”

  1. Podcast is your strongest suit. You should do more of them.

    BTW, what do you think about Euroleague vs NBA coach wise? I know they don’t have enough time to practice, but c’mon. Spoelstra’s couching philosophy? Let them play… Let them just run and figure it out in the court. Raptor’s Casey – bent on playing certain players, even if substituting them would make a better 4th quarter? How many games Raptors were leading by 10 points, but lost in the 4th quarter? What can be only coach’s fault.

    More, why american coaches are not making in Europe, like american players do? And why euro coaches don’t make it in the NBA? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the podcast love Vaidas, much appreciated. The Euroleague vs. NBA coach conversation is interesting. You would think a lot more European guys would have gone over but I think the problem goes beyond just that European coaches could be really good NBA coaches but haven’t had the chances. The NBA is so much about juggling egos, more media to deal with, living far away from home for Europeans, different language, and a different game. The European coach doesn’t have nearly as much control. There are no coach-gms in the NBA, most teams run a very loose system but the player really create a lot of their own offense. In Europe, the really good coaches have their fingerprints on everything and control everything. The Euroleague is a coach’s league, the NBA is player’s one. Also remember Messina was on the Lakers bench last year but came back quickly after one year. He’d be a good person to ask about this.

    There aren’t a ton of American coaches but guys like Chris Flemming and David Blatt have flourished in Europe. And with the NCAA game in the United States being so big, it’s much easier for an American coach to get involved with coaching that way instead of making the move to Europe. You really have had to play over in Europe as a player to come back as a coach. But if you play in Europe maybe you want to live in the US for a while with your family and such as you’ve been away for a while.

    Really interesting subject Vaidas, happy to hypothesize, maybe we’ll hash it out on a podcast sometime.

  3. @Cos: They are indeed. I wanted to push Olympiacos up to a higher tier but they were still a bit of a mess. After the last two games and with the way Papanikolaou is playing, they look much, much more together and dangerous.

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