PODCAST: Diamantidis Pulls Groin, Kapono and Bramos Pull Threes

Jason Kapono (4-of-6 from three, 16 points in 17 minutes) had a debut to remember in Athens.  But neither Rob nor Nick think he was the #JBAM Player of the Game in Panathinaikos’ 67-66 win over Zalgiris.

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6 thoughts on “PODCAST: Diamantidis Pulls Groin, Kapono and Bramos Pull Threes”

  1. Hi 🙂 About the last shot. Somehow i just feel better with Popovic finishing, even though Darjus is a good option and was free.

    About Banks. I was irritated about both of those fouls.

    Anyway, two things about this season Žalgiris seen to not change: letting opponent go away in the first half. It costs so much to close the gap. Would you even consider Capono as the player of the game, if Žalgiris defence was as good as it was in second half? And second – defence against 3pts, especially in the corners. I think that is the cost Plaza’s system, then smaller players come the paint to help defend. Hopefully this could change, then Javtokas is back. He’s stronger.

    1. As I said on the cast, I feel better with Pop putting it up too. Actually, I’m just super surprised that he didn’t. I’ve never known Marko to pass up a game winning look. I guess that’s the Plaza effect, offensively.

      Defensively, I agree with you. Those open corners are an issue if the other guys have someone like Kapono knocking them down. I said I’m my Sheridan Power Rankings that the only player-type Zalgiris lacks right now is a shot changer. Sure the Lav Bros are long, but not like a Lasme, D’Or Fischer, even Gasper Vidmar-esque guy who can move laterally as quickly as he can jump high.

      Javtokas might help, but at this point, can you really rely on him for more than a good quarter or two every few games even when healthy? The guy’s feet have been to Hell and back.

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