PODCAST: Would You Rather Have…

Would you rather have Vassilis Spanoulis or Dimitris Diamantidis? Bobby Brown or Zoran Planinic?  Stephane Lasme or Shawn James?

We play a little pick ’em, talk about our All-Euroleague selections and decide which team’s success is more real—Caja Laboral or Siena?—and which 2-1 team is more flawed—Panathinaikos or Anadolu Efes?

The audio is shaky, we know. We’ve got our interns working on it.

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7 thoughts on “PODCAST: Would You Rather Have…”

  1. Big Sofo with the beastly throw down for Pana today! And it seems Gist is fitting in nicely. If DD ever gets healthy, could we see Pana back in the Final Four?

    1. Sure, I think PAO’s upside is F4, IF Diamantidis is good to go for the playoffs and if everyone else plays up to their potential, a lot of ifs though. Kapono, Bramos and Maciulis have all gone off from three point range this year in a few games collectively, but they’d need to do it consistently to win a playoff series. It could happen though. Living in London, I’m rooting for it after experiencing the atmosphere with their fans in Istanbul last year.

      Sofo’s dunk was dangerous!

  2. There is no final 4 without Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. They should not even compete in the regular season, top 16 and playoffs. Let the rest compete for the other two places. Maybe the Spanish champion and CSKA Moscow… Maccabi can take CSKA’s place every third year. And there you go, no more Euroleague… Just the Final 4!

    Gist was signed to make the PAO front court athletic. Most signings among Olympiacos and Panathinaikos happen to cancel out the other teams advantages. With Gist they are trying to pull an Ivkovic by being extremely athletic inside by combining him with Lasme.

    In Greece the main objective for the team that hasn’t won the league the previous year -Olympiacos in recent memory but PAO in the future 🙂 – is to win it back. The Euroleague title means nothing if you don’t win the league.
    This has happened once in history when PAO won their first Euroleague title in 1996. Dominique Wilkins left the team right after they won in Paris. The refs always like Panathinaikos. No Jordi Bertomeu at the time, so Spanish teams could have a controversial decision given against them. So Panathinaikos were blown out by Olympiacos in the final 72-38…
    For us Olympiacos fans that was a successful season… Panathinaikos fans can correct me, but it was a miserable one for them

    1. Thanks for listening and the kind comment, Vince, we appreciate it. Working on the audio issues. We should never have hired Olympiacos’ clock operator in the first place…

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