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Top 50 Salaries In The Euroleague

By Fersu Yahyabeyoglu (@fersudeniz) & Mark Porcaro (@MarkPorcaro)

*Editor’s Note: It is extremely hard to find official Euroleague salaries.  Through a lot of research, Fersu and Mark were able to get as close as they possibly could to building a Top 50 list and getting the correct salaries.  The salary numbers and rankings are the best representation of all of their research.

Euroleague season is nearly upon us and the excitement is continuing to build as teams have nearly filled out their rosters for the 2015-16 campaign.  We have spent countless hours over the last few months tracking player movement and digging through every article we could get our hands in an attempt to bring you this list.  Please note that these amounts are approximate and in no way official but we believe that through our research we can present this information as close to accurate as you will find without seeing the signed contracts themselves.  With that being said, we present to you to the Top 50 Euroleague salaries for the 2015-16 season.

*Based on information we received after posting the article, we had to removed the salary section of the list based off discrepancies sent in about the salary numbers.  Sorry about the confusion but without official numbers from the team it is to tough to confirm each number and instead here is the list just in ranked form.

NO Player Pos Height Age Nationality Team League
1 Alexey Shved G 1.98 26 Russia BC Khimki VTB
2 Rudy Fernandez G/F 1.98 30 Spain Real Madrid ACB
3 Joel Freeland C 2.11 28 England CSKA Moscow VTB
4 Vassilis Spanoulis G 1.93 33 Greece Olympiacos ESAKE
5 Nenad Krstic C 2.13 32 Serbia Anadolu Efes BSL
6 Milos Teodosic G 1.95 28 Serbia CSKA Moscow VTB
7 Juan Carlos Navarro G 1.92 35 Spain FC Barcelona ACB
8 Sergio Llull G 1.88 27 Spain Real Madrid ACB
9 Tyrese Rice G 1.85 28 Montenegro BC Khimki VTB
10 Jan Vesely F/C 2.11 25 Czech Repbublic Fenerbahce BSL
11 Nick Calathes G 1.98 26 Greece Panathinaikos ESAKE
12 Ante Tomic C 2.18 28 Croatia FC Barcelona ACB
13 Sergio Rodriguez G 1.91 29 Spain Real Madrid ACB
14 Vitaly Fridzon G 1.95 29 Russia CSKA Moscow VTB
15 Gustavo Ayon C 2.08 30 Mexico Real Madrid ACB
16 Justin Doellman F 2.08 30 USA FC Barcelona ACB
17 Dimitris Diamantidis G 1.96 35 Greece Panathinaikos ESAKE
18 Luigi Datome F 2.03 27 Italy Fenerbahce BSL
19 Derrick Brown F 2.03 28 USA Anadolu Efes BSL
20 Andres Nocioni F 2.03 35 Argentina Real Madrid ACB
21 Sergei Monia F 2.02 32 Russia BC Khimki VTB
22 Viktor Khryapa F 2.06 33 Russia CSKA Moscow VTB
23 Petteri Koponen G 1.94 27 Finland BC Khimki VTB
24 Nando De Colo G 1.95 28 France CSKA Moscow VTB
25 Ricky Hickman G 1.89 32 Georgia Fenerbahce BSL
26 Jamon Gordon G 1.91 31 USA Darussafaka Dogus BSL
27 Jordan Farmar G 1.88 28 Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv WINNER
28 Giorgos Printezis F 2.06 30 USA Olympiacos ESAKE
29 Brad Oleson G 1.91 32 Greece FC Barcelona ACB
30 Bogdan Bogdanovic G/F 1.98 23 Spain Fenerbahce BSL
31 Pero Antic C 2.1 33 Serbia Fenerbahce BSL
32 James Augustine F 2.08 31 FYROM BC Khimki VTB
33 Aaron Jackson G 1.9 29 USA CSKA Moscow VTB
34 Kyle Hines C 1.98 29 USA CSKA Moscow VTB
35 Devin Smith F 1.98 32 USA Maccabi Tel Aviv WINNER
36 Malcolm Delaney G 1.91 26 USA Lokomotiv Kuban VTB
37 Miroslav Raduljica C 2.13 27 USA Panathinaikos ESAKE
38 Antonis Fotsis F 2.09 34 Serbia Panathinaikos ESAKE
39 Felipe Reyes F/C 2.06 35 Greece Real Madrid ACB
40 Kostas Sloukas G 1.87 25 Spain Fenerbahce BSL
41 Emir Preldzic G/F 2.06 28 Greece Darussafaka Dogus BSL
42 Marcus Slaughter F/C 2.04 30 Turkey Darussafaka Dogus BSL
43 Jayson Granger G 1.88 25 USA Anadolu Efes BSL
44 Bobby Dixon G 1.78 32 Uruguay Fenerbahce BSL
45 Zoran Dragic G 1.96 26 Turkey BC Khimki VTB
46 Thomas Heurtel G 1.88 26 France Anadolu Efes BSL
47 Shane Lawal F/C 2.08 28 USA FC Barcelona ACB
49 Ekpe Udoh F/C 2.08 28 Nigeria Fenerbahce BSL
49 Taylor Rochestie G 1.85 30 USA Maccabi Tel Aviv WINNER
50 Cory Higgins G 1.96 26 Montenegro CSKA Moscow VTB
  • Based on European nationalities: Spain has 6 players and €12,100,000 totally on the top.
  • Based on Non-European nationalities: USA has 12 players and €14,030,000 totally on the top.
  • Based on the leagues: BSL has 15 players on the top.
  • Based on the leagues: VTB has €24,410,000 totally on the top.
  • Juan Carlos Navarro is the oldest player that has the highest salary in the list with €2,500,000.
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic is the youngest player that has the highest salary in the list with €1,300,000.
  • Fenerbahce and CSKA Moscow have 8 players each and they are the teams that have the most number players in the list.
  • There are 24 players at the guard position, almost half of the list. Guards are the richest players in Europe we can say.

16 thoughts on “Top 50 Salaries In The Euroleague”

  1. Great and thanks for this info. But you guys should also definitely specify that these salaries are the net income amount. People from USA and Canada don’t understand that, and by almost 100%, they automatically assume that they are gross figures, since that is the way the big sports leagues in USA/Canada work. But it is a totally different salary meaning, when it is net, instead of gross.

  2. I’m pretty sure you mixed up the net and gross numbers for John Bryant here.
    1.3 Million net would be like 2.5 gross in Germany.
    The whole budget for FC Bayern Basketball is rumored to be between 13-15 Million Euros. This includes also the costs for the arena, traveling expenses, all staff members and so on. So do you really think they spend 1/6 of that on John Bryant?

  3. 1.3 net isn’t an unusual salary for a team with a 15 million euro budget (what Bayern’s budget is supposed to be this year). It’s quite common for teams in Russia to have similar or even smaller budgets than that, and pay the same kind of salaries. Granted, the tax is much less in Russia.

  4. I want to see the budgets of the teams also with the numbers. I really wonder about it . You can see the real success with it . If a team is the richest you expect that they will win. But this is not a real success . If there is a team whose budget low and it wins you can mention it is a real success. So I want to see the correlation with Money and winning.

    I want to add that the next year team number will be decreased 24 to 16 and 11 teams name is fixed to be attend every year . It is a very bad idea this must be stopped because it is not sportive approach its a financial approach . I Hate that idea so

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