FIBA 2010

When the Los Angeles Lakers lift their banner into the rafters this year, it will most likely read ‘World Champions.’ Very cute. Too bad, however, that only Pau Gasol will be able to stare that cloth in the eye and know the title applies to him. You see, to be the champions of the world, it would make sense to…um…win the World Championships, would it not? Right now, only Gasol and his 11 Spanish teammates who took home the Gold in 2006 can claim that distinction. By September 12 of this year, 23 other nations hope they can go to Turkey and do the same. This year Euroleague Adventures will be there with them, blogging and Tweeting live from the sidelines and giving you what you’ve come to expect from ELA: a less boring perspective on international basketball. With the updated rosters of all 24 teams, news, opinions—well, mostly opinions—raps and podcasts, we’ll hold your hand all the way through the trophy games in Istanbul. You can follow your country here or, if you’re really bored you can blur your eyes and try to guess all 24 countries based on their flag designs. And yes I realize those two links bring you to literally the exact same place, but I just thought I’d give you options. After all, ‘it’s about the journey…’ and all that.