To Our ELA Family,

Blame La Bomba. Blame Josh Childress, his ‘fro, too. Blame Sarunas Jasikevicius for making us remember and Nikoloz Tskitishvili for not letting us forget, as hard  as we’ve tried. Blame every Papaloukas bounce pass and Prigioni pick and roll. Blame the furious beating of Greek drums and the rattling rafters of Pionir Arena.

Somewhere along the way, European basketball consumed us entirely, and what started as a novelty has become a way of life. Now, as a thank you to everyone who has stuck with us from the first ever podcast, recorded in a Syracuse dorm room and filled more with mispronounced names than actual insight, we have an announcement to make:

Euroleague Adventures is moving its headquarters to Barcelona, Spain.

So what does this mean? What’s going to change at ELA? Simply: everything. More live game coverage, exclusive features and interviews, damn-near-daily podcasts, live webisodes from Barcelona or wherever our travels take us, original video shot on our newest toy, and additional content for both SLAM Magazine and SheridanHoops.

And we want your help. Do you have a question for us to answer on air? A great idea for an article or a podcast? Do you want to write for us? Are you stopping through Barcelona and want to meet up for a drink? Just e-mail us at [email protected].

On October 11, we’ll fill our bags with enough garments to remain decent, our wallets with enough Euros to keep the sangria flowing and our minds with ideas that could land us in Spanish prison before it’s all over with.

And when we finally touch down, it will mark the beginning of a new era for ELA.

Thank you all. For everything.

Nick Gibson and Sam Meyerkopf
Creators, Euroleague Adventures