Freaknick’s RAP-Up: “Not Afraid” featuring Nenad Krstic

By: Freaknick/@euro_adventures

By now you might’ve seen the incident involving Serbia’s Nenad Krstic, Greece’s Sofoklis Schortsanitis, and a flying chair which struck Ioannis Bourousis in the face. There’s been plenty of commotion since and everyone’s chimed in with their two cents. Should there be suspensions? Fines? Any punishment at all?  Who started it? Is Nenad a huge wuss? Would you have been any braver in the face of Big Sofo?

Well no matter your stance on the issue, we’ve got great news: Nenad has agreed to join ELA to express himself through song. Freaknick picks up the verse action while Nenad serenades us on the chorus. This is historic stuff. Click ‘PLAY’ and follow along with the lyrics below. The video of the incident is even below-er.

And once you’re done, check out all of Freaknick’s raps here.


I’m not afraid to throw a chair

I retreated like my receding hair

We on this court together, Greeks and Serbs

Bourousis’ jean shorts got on my nerves

So I clocked him, in his ear

Big Sofo was the headlights and I felt like the deer

VERSE број један

It ain’t no way you gonna get me to face Sofo and be manly

I’d rather just keep backpedalin’ and hidin’ like a pansy

Besides you see how rowdy all the Greeks up in the stands be,

Plan A was get my ass kicked so now I’m on to Plan B,

Look at Sofo’s eyes man, dude is uncontrollable,

And it’d be more convenient if these stupid chairs were foldable,

Yeah I’m 7-feet but there’s a Greek that just might eat Krstic meat,

Then I’ll be D-inner, I’d rather be, an elite center, in the league with KD,

Until I’m old, bald rich

Instead of being cold porridge,

And ending up in Sofo’s fridge,

And backing up Cole Aldrich,

Gone head call me a bitch,

But I aint the one with the stitch,

In my head, that’s Ioannis,

All your comments, I acknowledge,

But I promise, truthful, honest,

They don’t  even faze ya boy,

My only regret is that I didn’t pick up a La-Z-Boy,


VERSE број један

I started wailing from the back, and then I saw him leap up,

I’m not a Kardashian so Big Homie couldn’t keep up,

I kept my eyes forward, and tried to pick my feet up,

All my Thunder teammates would laugh if I got beat up,

It’s all because of Milos why’d he have to punch Antonis?

Bad enough he fouled him and now Greece is in the bonus,

He could’ve just stepped to the line and knocked down one of three,

Then we’d be trailing by two, but now they’re all trailing me,

Where’s my boy Marko Keselj? Actin’ hard earlier,

I mean I’m kinda hefty, let’s be honest Sofo’s burlier,

No offense Aleks Rasic, really bro I love you,

But in terms of height everybody on the court’s above you,

I could use some back-up, while I back up, and try to act tough,

Is Aleks my only help? Well then, damn I’m bout to get smacked up.

Think Nenad, think man! Don’t let ‘em see you scared!

Aww forget my reputation I’m throwing a f***ing chair!


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