Fotsis has never been an ELA favorite. With as much talent as he holds in that beard of his, we’d like to see him assert himself for more than a quarter or two at a time, and he certainly should’ve figured out a way to put up more than 6.7 points over the last two seasons. But this year it’s been a slightly different story, and yesterday he partied like it was 2002. With 22 points, 11 boards and a trio of steals to boot, Antonis and his 40 RKG are getting things going at just the right time.

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A minute-by-minute breakdown of the show below. Holler.

0-1: Welcome to the show y’all.

1-9: Antonis Fotsis shoots his way out of the ELA doghouse with an MVP performance.

9-14: Gerald Fitch and Terrell McIntyre fail to step up as Lietuvos Rytas keeps their season alive. But at least Georgios Printezis saw some action.

14- 15: Efes Pilsen looks inebriated at home against Madrid.

15-23: Union Olimpija blows a halftime lead-and their season-against Maccabi as Jeremy Pargo goes ham. More importantly, should Samo Udrih change his name?

23-31: Has Rubio restored the world’s withering faith after leading Barcelona to a comeback against Roma? Or was it just…Roma being Roma?

31-35 Nando de Colo’s bedwetting has Slam seeking therapy after Valencia chokes against the Reds.

36-42: Fenerbahçe Ülker takes Zalgiris to overtime in Kaunas. Can the Turks win without Roko Ukic?

42-46: Jan Vesely dazzles the scouts against Siena and Freaknick goes on the warpath against the word ‘literally’.  It’s an awesome segment. Literally.

46-49: Estelle joins us for Stars and Stripes.

49-54:  With only two weeks left to make a move, the guys put a little fantasy wager on the line.

54-55: Instant reaction picks! Let’s go! Loud noises!

And that’s all she spoke…