Justin Gray: horns, drums, and the Freaknick jinx

10/22/09: Drums, horns, and Freaknick’s jinx

What’s up people, I’m checking back in! I wish it were on better terms though, as we took an L on the road last night against Trefl Sopot, and it was a tough one.  We were leading the entire game until the 4th quarter, and then we had some shots not go in and some calls not go our way.  But anyone knows when you’re playing on the road in Europe it’s tough just because the atmosphere is so much different than NBA games. The environment compares to the games I used to play in the ACC against Duke, or going to NC State for the last game of the regular season with 1st place on the line (Which, by the way, happened and we won too. Sorry Wolfpack fans! LOL). But really, the fans here are always into the game no matter what.  Even if their team is losing they are always blowing them horns or beating them drums LOL… it’s cool though…I love it.

J-Gray scored 18 in the loss Trefl Sopot.I’m not satisfied with my performance at all, even though I had decent numbers (18pts, 4ast, 4reb, 3stl), it’s not about stats for me. All I want is the WIN at the end of the day. When we lose, the first thing I do is look at myself and see what I could’ve done for us to win. I know I missed 2 free throws last game and I was pissed! (Editor’s note: Sorry Justin, I guess I jinxed you). But that happens; you miss some and you make some, but now I have to make at least 10 in a row.

In the Polish League the road games are just as important as the home games.  We only play each other 2 times (home/away) So I figured the more teams you sweep the better position you’ll be when it’s time for the playoffs. Another thing about playing on the road is that the road trips are CRAZY! I was told that our shortest trip was like 5 or 6 hours, I mean I wasn’t prepared for those kinds of trips with no flights, but that’s all a part of the grind. This trip was one of the longest ones: 10 1/2 hours. We got home and the sun was already coming up. It takes me that long sometimes to get back home to North Carolina! Anyways today I’m headed back to the gym around noon to get in the cold tub and then the hot tub to recover from the game and travel… Then getting ready to go to back to work. Until next time BE BLESSED!

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