10/20/09 – Get out of my head, Kobe

Ok I’m back people. I know some people blog every week, but I’m such a crazy dude that I have something to say every day. The doctor told me that I can suit up for Thursday’s game in Serbia…but I can’t play. That means I’ll be ready to go Sunday, and when I heard the news, I went into killer mode.

Now I’m in the weight room with a 30-pound weight vest, an iPod, and 3 elastic bands connected to waist. 3 sets of 12 reps. Now in my head I’m thinking the trainer is nuts for using elastic bands because I just don’t trust them. 1st set over and I’m actually getting a pretty good workout. Now it’s time for the 2nd. As I burst into my sprint, the elastic rips and I go flying backwards across the weight room and fall into the corner, LOL. OK, now the laugh is over with, and it’s time for serious business.

Full court 1-on-1 with the weight vest on. Leg is feeling great and Kobe is in my head telling me he works harder than this. So I push harder, jumper after jumper and sprint after sprint. Trainer begins to look at me like I’m crazy, and I look back at him with a smirk like, “Yeah, I know I am.” That’s the end of the 1st practice, and the 2nd is in 5 hours. Stay tuned I will let u know how it went. Headed to Belgrade tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a few minutes in Thursday’s game.