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  1. IT is great to hear from you Justin. As a big Wake Forest fan it is always cool to hear from some of the WF greats. Im glad you are fitting in over in Europe and im sure the basket is looking as big as it used to here at the Joel. Keep draining those 3’s.

  2. Justin,

    We miss you here in Charlotte and Winston! Your blog entries about big Wake wins bring back many fond memories…keep tearing it up, JG, and keep us updated (and one more thing: we could use some of those classic treys you liked to drain in big ACC matchups…any way you can share some tips with the current crop of Deacs?)!

    – siff

  3. In two places there are “Zgorzelek” instead “Zgorzelec”. Fix it please 🙂

    PS Justin – check żurek soup 🙂

  4. justin, it’s good to follow you and you’re living my dream: playing bball professionally in europe. hopefully, you can stay healthy and have a long playing career. after retiring, i’d love to see you get into coaching– you’d be a natural. i enjoyed hanging out w/ you at wake that day along time ago and hitting up IHOP. we all miss your cousin, tony, here in concord, RIP. Take care, Joe (that cool white boy attorney) Plummer—- Concord, NC USA

  5. Hey, Justin- Your blog has been posted on Deaconsprts, so you’ll prob get a lot of responses from folks who remember you well. Best to you, and come back to play Oak Valley!

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