Sinan Guler

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    1. Gokhan, these are truly great!!! I love them all but am especially fond of a cpolue: the boys getting off the bus, the dogs playing tug-of-war and the airplane flying over the building (a unique perspective). You are truly an inspiration and make me want to grab my camera and go!

    2. Jul01 In order to gain your life you have to loose it. But if you hold onto it you end up becoming a peniosrr of self , a peniosrr of One’s own mind desperately unsatified and aching to believe in something beyond what this life can bring . For without hope there is no reason to still want to be here. As believers in Yeshua we have found the One that lives beyond this world and calls us to impregnate this aching existance of a world with eternal hope that has long lost it’s way resulting in loosing its meaning for living in the here and now.We are His workmanship created to bring Good works in advance for us to do. Hope is one of those things that the world is dying to find. G-D Bless you for your insight & right on touch, on the pulse of what this world is aching to find. CwParry

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