By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Before Deron Williams went to Turkey or half of the Denver Nuggets decided to check out China, an 18-year-old named Brandon Jennings bought a ticket to Rome. Now when Siena cuts DaJuan Summer or Ty Lawson vents his frustrations through The Twitter, Brandon can chuckle, shake his head and think I told y’all this shit wasn’t all roses.

And despite the bumps, bruises and benchings he dealt with during his season in Italy, Brandon still wants to pay respects to his first pro ball club. Check out these Roma-inspired Under Armour Bloodline Micro-Gs:

Considering Roma lost their Euroleague A License this summer after finishing ninth in Lega Basket, this pair of shoes might be the leader in the clubhouse in the “bright spots” department.

The only other colorway (he’s got several) that can hold a candle to these Roma beauties are his Milwaukee Buck camouflage joints. Even though you’re more likely to wear camouflage when you’re hunting a buck than when you are a buck, I’ll pretend it makes sense. But only because they look cool.

Go cop you a purrr.