By: Sam Meyerkopf / @HoopLikeDrazen, Rob Scott / @robscott33, and Austin Green / @LosCrossovers

It was an interesting off-season in a changing ACB.  Teams have different budgets and there is a lot of youth coming in from all around Europe in the league.  To help decipher all of this we also brought in Austin Green from, the source for ACB writing in English.  Austin lived in Madrid for the whole 2014-15 season covering the ACB and will be based in Sevilla for this season.

You can find the first three editions of our ACB Rountable here:

For our final three-headed look at the off-season so far, we asked ourselves:

Of all the summer signings, who is the coolest fit?

Sam Meyerkopf: Rob wrote his part before I did and stole my pick so I’ll go with Alex Ruoff to Bilbao.

This is a really cool fit and signing.  Ruoff never totally found his pro niche after a few seasons in Belgium and the D-League, until he moved to Göttingen in 2013-14 and broke out in the BBL the last two seasons.

Ruoff is kind of a jack of all trades guard, able to score off the bounce, spot up shoot, run some offense, rebound well for a guard, and attack the hoop.  He’s been dangerously close to averaging 15-5-5 for the season on those up tempo Göttingen teams.

Something that really stands out is his ball movement and creative passing ability.  Ruoff is so nifty at darting the ball into tight spaces and finding his bigs easy looks.  If you haven’t seen him before, the video below provides some wonderful assists and hockey assists.  He fits so well in the ACB and just seems like someone who now that he’s landed in Spain, will never leave.

Like Axel Hervelle and Alex Mumbru before him, I could see Ruoff staying in Bilbao for many years to come.

Rob Scott: Other than Dan Clark to Andorra, which is its own category, I’ll say Nenad Miljenovic to Sevilla. The young Serbian point guard is going to get all the minutes he needs to show off his creativity and fearlessness. He racked up a bunch of ABA weekly MVPs with Mega Vizura/Leks over the past couple of years, and this is the logical next step in his progression.

He’s a slippery scoring guard who wants to put the ball in the hoop, a nice contrast to the more balanced approach of colleague Nikola Radecevic. Sevilla has gone for young players in a big way over the past few years, largely out of financial necessity. While there’s no Porzingis or Hernangomez on this squad, Miljenovic will be a big reason to keep watching.

Austin Green: I’m gonna go with Edwin Jackson to Unicaja.

Jackson was the leading scorer in France, then Barca signed him in December to stop the bleeding when Navarro, Oleson and Abrines went down. Those guys returned and he was relegated to water duty.

Now he’s the man on a young, athletic Unicaja team and it should be a lot of fun. Some nights he’ll drop 20+. Every night he’ll get out on the break with Nedovic and Kuzminskas. He’ll actually be able to dunk in games and not just in practice - although I hope he keeps sharing his practice dunks.

Unicaja games should be very entertaining this year.