Ticket Stubs, Pt. 6: Berlin vs. Bilbao in the semifinals. Or more appropriately, Ticket Chubbs.

By: Freaknick

Still haven’t moved a centimeter (ELAdventures is going metric) since the final buzzer sent Valencia to the Eurocup Finals, and it turns out they’re playing the second game on the same court. How convenient. Alba Berlin is going up against Bilbao Basket for a shot at Valencia. Will Alba inch closer to a spot in the Euroleague or will Bilbao set up an all-Spain final? Jump ball.

- The homecourt advantage is unreal here. Not only is Bilbao just an hour’s drive from Vitoria, but Alba’s cheering section is completely empty. Why? I’ll give you a hint: a volcano is involved.

- Jerome Moiso just had one of the nastiest dunks I have ever seen. Ever. Not overly athletic or incredibly difficult or fancy. Just mean. Cold-hearted, ruthless, angry dunk. Like the dude he dunked on had robbed him while kidnapping his pet.

- And to follow it up, a true high school move: you know how everyone had that kid on their high school team who can dunk? Before practice, after practice he struts around and clears everyone out to try and stuff one and he always claims that he could’ve done it in a game if “this” or “that” hadn’t happened. Then the conditions are perfect and he finally jams one. Shit hits the crazy fan and folks go wild. With egoes boosted, the rest of the game is the mission to get that kid his second one. Jerome Moiso seems to be that kid on Bilbao, and on the play after his dirty jam, Bilbao thought it would be a good idea to just chuck it in the general vicinity of the rim-the term general used lightly in this instance-and hope Moiso skies for the finish. Too bad Jerome was busy standing at the three-point line and nowhere near the hoop. Slow your roll, Bilbao.

- Derrick Byars is getting anything he wants. He looks like he’s slimmed down since his Vanderbilt days, but maybe the TV just added 10 pounds.

- Julius Jenkins has the coolest hair in Europe. Naw, screw it. In basketball. Chris Anderson loses points for trying too hard.

- Immanuel McElroy not being very assertive. This is a First Team All-Eurocup member we’re talking about. Not like they really need too much from him right now. Alba’s playing well.

-But so is Bilbao. Tied 18-18 after the first quarter. Berlin shot 55 percent from inside the arc, 0/2 from 3. Bilbao made a ridiculous 5 of 7 from 2 and 2 of 6 from deep. These are two good basketball teams playing good basketball. Hooray for that.

-Skipping ahead a bit, it’s 35-30 at the half. Adam Chubb has 15 in 13 minutes for Alba and Moiso has 8 for Bilbao.

-Bilbao might want to rethink their gameplan: 2/13 from 3 in the first half.

-Third quarter back in action. Tried to get a UStream up, internet connection didn’t think that was such a good idea. back to the typewriter.

- Adam Chubb is dominating. Straight u, getting anything he wants inside. His footwork is Mikan-like, seriously. I think he has around 21 now, not quite sure though. He might challenge Devin Smith’s 29 points from the first game.

- I’m not allowed to take any pictures, but I really would like to show you all the disproportionate ratio of Berlin:Bilbao fans. It’s 1:20 in Bilbao’s favor, easily.

- Still trying to get a gauge for who the Valencia fans want in this one. It doesn’t look like any of them have left. I’d be more afraid of Alba if I were a Valenciano. McElroy only has two and Berlin looks sharp. And like I mentioned, Adam Chubb…

- Derrick Byars’ steady play all night has earned himself another bullet point. Really liking what I’m seeing out of the former Blazers draft pick (#42 overall in 2007). If things continue like this, we might see Byars square off against another Blazers draft pick, Victor Claver, tomorrow.

- Score check: 58-51 in favor of Alba after another Cubb-y bucket. 8 minutes left in the game.

-Took a break to go grab a Spanish hot dog (different, but fairly yummy). While I was standing and watching, Bilbao made a run. It’s 67-64 Alba now. UH-OH BERLIN.

-You know how McElroy’s been quiet? Well he mades ure all the Bilbao fans were too. Nails one from the wing to put them up 6 again. What’s cooler than being cool? “Ice cold!”

-Now I can’t hear ya, I said, ‘What’s cooler than being cool?’ Ice cold!’

-Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright….now ladies?

- I bet Julius Jenkins could rock a perm like Andre 3000 if he wanted. He’s just that cold.

-Julius Jenkins and his dreads put the nail in Bilbao’s coffin with the italically huge dagger from distance. 75-64 and Bilbao fans are headed for the exits. At least the drive home is only about an hour. Hope they burned some good CD’s.

-Final score, Alba Berlin 77-70 over Bilbao Basket. Bilbao will need an ACB miracle if they want a chance at playing in the Euroleague next year. Berlin is one step closer to returning after a year off.

-Berlin performers of note: Adam Chubb (27 points on 11/16 shooting, 7 rebounds which felt like 17. Beatly effort all around.), Immanuel McElroy with a businesslike 13 points. Julius Jenkins with 11, Derrick Byars with 10.

-Nice try, but no cigar: Chris Warren (14 points, 8 rebounds), Jerome Moiso (12 points by making all five of his shots and both of his free throws, 3 rebounds). Axel Hervelle started slowly but had some big plays and demonstrated a little bit of hustle during Bilbao’s fourth quarter run. He finished with 10 points and 5 rebounds. Alex Mumbru also had 10 in a losing cause.

- One last sad note: Bilbao’s Marko Banic played just 18 minutes and scored 4 points on 2/3 shooting. Ladies and gentlemen, your Eurocup MVP!

-I must say, the two best teams advanced in this one. I’m genuinely excited for tomorrow’s final. I know who I’m picking to win it, too. But you’ll have to wait until the podcast later on tonight to find out. Teaser!


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