Freaknick cuts Team USA down from 15 to its final 12. Who gets the nod between Eric Gordon and Stephen Curry? Will Kevin Durant’s Thunder teammates Westbrook and Green be sent packing? And why haven’t you heard of Javale McGee? Will this 12 be good enough to win Gold at the 2010 FIBA World Championships?

So here’s the video, with the 15-man roster underneath. Who do you think should be the three to get cut? Leave your answer in the comments section below. And before you ask, yes; this was shot in a dark cave and no, I haven’t seen the sunshine in 17 months.

The 15 we have to work with:

Name (Last, First)AgePositionHeight2009-10 Club Team (League)
Gay, Rudy24Small Forward6'8"Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)
Odom, Lamar31Forward6'10"LA Lakers (NBA)
Billups, Chauncey33Point Guard6'3"Denver Nuggets (NBA)
Curry, Stephen22Guard6'3"Golden State Warriors (NBA)
Durant, Kevin21Guard/Forward6'9"Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
Gordon, Eric21Shooting Guard6'3"LA Clippers (NBA)
Granger, Danny27Small Forward6'9"Indiana Pacers (NBA)
Green, Jeff23Forward6'9"Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
Iguodala, Andre26Shooting Guard6'6"Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
Love, Kevin22Center6'10"Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)
Rose, Derrick22Point Guard6'3"Chicago Bulls (NBA)
Westbrook, Russell21Point Guard6'3"Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)
McGee, Javale22Center7'0"Washington Wizards (NBA)
Chandler, Tyson27Center7'1"Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)
Rondo, Rajon24Point Guard6'1"Boston Celtics (NBA)