By: Sam Meyerkopf / @euro_adventures

Micah Downs has been a rim stuffing maniac this year, plain and simple.  He doesn’t care if you’re seven feet tall and in his way or if he makes you cry after the game, he’s still going to dunk on you.  Most of you have seen the absolute disrespect he showed for Zaragoza players early this year when he finished this alley-oop with outright authority.

Last night against Barcelona the fantastic finishes came out again, and ELA was there to see—and hear—the devastation.

Now Fran Vazquez, the Euroleague’s all time leader in blocks, is no pushover when it comes to protecting the rim.  But it didn’t matter last night, because Micah Downs was on a mission.  He not only embarrassed Vazquez once, but twice.  They were two of the best dunks I’ve seen live and in person.  A note to all future Manresa opponents: don’t show these clips to your big men, they might be too scared to come on the court.

And then he does it to Fran again, just for good measure. The only difference: this one received a rousing, partially-standing ovation, from the Barcelona faithful. That’s respect.

Take a few minutes, watch these masterful pieces of dunking art again, and then ask yourself: is Micah Downs the best dunker in Spain?