By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

And the season’s just entering its third day, so don’t wake the local trophy etcher just yet. The thing is, I really wanted to use this headline, and can’t guarantee that it’ll ever be true again.

Solution? Premature exaltation.

Whether it’s after game two or game 66 (still doesn’t sound right), I’ll take a win for Team Europhile wherever I can find one.

So exalt with me, won’t you?

One note before we start: I realize Jose Juan Barea is from Puerto Rico, which is technically a U.S. territory. But they’ve got a flag, they’ve got Olympic representation, and they had Rick Pitino. Or as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan once called them, “The Big Three.”

Now here they are, first place in the 10-team, rotisserie, questionably named Let’s Get Tropical fantasy league, When Harry Mehmet Sally.

My biggest misses? Would’ve loved to get either Nash or Calderon for the assist boost and seeing both Gasols in the starting frontcourt could’ve been a good time. Here’s how I got the rest (Dirk’s slide helped).

You might’ve noticed Tristan Thompson’s tryout with the team was short lived; the Canadian Longhorn was cleared to make room for the potential arrival of Andrei Kirilenko, hopefully to the Nets. If he joins Mikhail Prokhorov and New Jersey’s paper-thin bench, it’s Wild Horse time.

First place for now. Will keep you updated if that keeps up. Otherwise, I’ll probably just phase it out and count on you getting distracted.