For American-born basketball players, high-level European clubs usually act as stopovers between one club and the next. Sooner than the paint has dried on their new locker, they’ve boarded another plane for Ukraine, China, Russia or some pastoral U.S. town with a D-League team.

Not Shaun Stonerook.

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After splitting his college years between Ohio State University and the University of Ohio, one year in Antwerp was all he needed to trampoline into the Italian Lega Basket in 2001, where he has lasted ever since.

In his seventh season with Siena, Shuan’s out for his sixth straight Italian Championship and the one thing that’s eluded him in his 12 years as a pro: a Euroleague Championship.

Shaun tells us if Siena can with a bunch of “old” guys, what makes Bo McCalebb special, why DaJuan Summers didn’t make it, when he wants to retire, and his future plans for that hair of his.

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