The first two weeks of the Top 16 have made fans in Kazan, Barcelona, Moscow and Siena very, very happy. Meanwhile in Kaunas, Piraeus, Malaga and Milano (especially Milano), people are most likely very, very worried.

Folks in Madrid, Bilbao, Athens, Cantu, Tel Aviv and three different parts of Istanbul?

Meh. They could go either way.

We look at who needs wins the worst in week three and ask one simple question for our for winless squads: Are we telling you there’s a chance? Or will they get knocked the f*ck out, maaan?

Now, time to credit these two comedic geniuses via the YouTube.

[WARNING: Chris Tucker’s language is, as usual, not suitable for children. Be good parents and send them out of the room. But if they just listened to the whole podcast with you then, well, do whatever you like. You’ve proven your worth as child rearers already.]

Jim Carrey goes first:

And now from Friday:

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