In a time when most undrafted rookies aren’t quite sure if they’ll ever receive that first paycheck, Alex Tyus can sleep easily. After four years of chompin’ in Gainesville, the springy forward is packing his sneakers, his wife and his game and heading to Israel to suit up for Maccabi Ashdod. He phoned into ELA headquarters to talk about it…

OPEN - 2:05: Everyone has a story. How did Alex get linked up with Maccabi Ashdod?

2:10 - 3:40: What must one do to obtain an Israeli passport? Alex is closer than you might think.

3:45 -  5:00: How’d the first talk go with head coach?

5:01 - 6:14: Physical. Athletic. Tough on the boards. But find out how Alex plans on changing his game in Israel.

6:15 - 7:04: We talk about Nimrod Tishman. Mainly because we like saying Nimrod Tishman.

7:05 - 8:11:
Alex talks about the pre-draft workout process and what he expected come draft night.

8:12 - 11:19: With draft picks—like Gator teammates Vernon Macklin and  Chandler Parsons—waiting in limbo, could the lockout be a blessing in disguise for undrafted rookies?

11:20 - 12:24:
Whether in Europe or the Association, Billy Donovan seems to produce solid pros. Is it by luck, or design?

12:25 -  CLOSE: Alex talks short term goals, long term dreams and imagines a life overseas.