There have been some mixed fortunes in Istanbul this season, Anadolu Efes sit stone dead last at 0-5, and look like they could be waiting for a while to get their first win. Across the Bosphorus, Fenerbahce are doing better, but a 3-2 start should probably be a disappointment for the reigning champs, is this just a hangover from the Euroleague victory or a sign of deeper issues? Later on we talk about two of our consensus predictions that look like they could already be coming unstuck in the form of Baskonia and Bamberg.

With Rob caring for his newborn daughter, Austin and George hold down the fort solo talking about the following:

  • 00:00-07:18 Intro & Real Madrid Signing Tavares
  • 07:18-14:25 Fenerbahce
  • 14:25-29:20 Baskonia & PAO
  • 29:20-36:15 Bamberg
  • 36:15-42:20 Efes & Outro

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