We’re back! Our fatherhood, university and moving-to-the-other-side-of-the-world enforced hiatus is over and Rob, Austin and George get back on the mic to talk Baskonia, Unicaja and the race for 8th. With the Andalusians hosting their Basque friends in a pivotal all-ACB clash on Thursday, what better time to take a look at both teams’ fortunes and their possibilities for EuroLeague playoff basketball?

We also turn our attention to listeners’ questions - who is the most irreplaceable player for their team, can Zalgiris hang on for a playoff spot and who would you not want to face in a series? Join us for all this and more in-jokes, mispronunciations and references to made-up advanced stats. It’s the formula you’ve come to know and love by now, right?

Join us again next week (hopefully) for the our weekly podcast right here on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts or wherever you put that RSS feed. Shoutout to the CSKA Dad Squad, this kinda thing just gets me these days.