PODCAST #86: Bismack Biyombo and Enes Kanter: International Men of Mystery

Bismack Biyombo has only a couple dozen games of top competition under his belt and the mystery behind his birth certificate might be enough to make Donald Trump tune into the draft. Enes Kanter has spent the past year playing against inanimate objects after sitting out his freshman year at Kentucky.

But as much as those things might scare off the typical decision maker, it’s the sort of stuff that only sparks intrigue among NBA general managers. This season, there are no bigger question marks than Bismack and Enes, so we decided we’d dedicate 45 minutes of our lives to discussing the pros and cons of drafting an enigmatic big man from a foreign land.

Roll the tape, Danny…

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On the show this evening:

  • Who’s better: Enes Kanter or Bismack Biyombo? (We like to be blunt, to-the-point, off the top.)
  • Is Bismack the next Ben Walalce? Serge Ibaka? JaVale McGee? Or is he just a poor man’s DeAndre Jordan?
  • Which is the bigger problem: Enes Kanter’s lack of competition over the past 365 or Bismack’s general lack of experience…you know…throughout his entire life?
  • Who has the better shot of making an All-Rookie team? All-Star team?
  • Who’s the cooler video game player?
  • Why is Bismack’s draft range so much wider than Kanter’s?
  • Where should they hope to land to maximize their immediate impact?

We start with some bullets and see where it takes us. Enjoy the show, folks.