We’re five days into EuroBasket 2017 and there has been Too Much Basketball To Take In. That doesn’t mean, however, that Rob, Austin and George don’t have any Basketball Takes, particularly when it comes to baby-faced Finnish OGs.

We indulge in some hardcore Lauri love, and talk about the other movers and moneymakers from the action so far. There’s Dragic, Doncic, Porzingis, Shved, Belinelli… Juskevicius? Well that makes sense if you listened to our preview pods. Plus a full supporting cast of interesting characters, only one statistical about Great Britain and some barely restrained tooting of our own horns.

Here’s your broad itinerary, sorry if we missed your team but we’ll cover everyone we skipped next time around:

  • 00:00 intro and Group A - Finland, France, Slovenia, Greece
  • 27:40 Group D - Russia, Latvia, Serbia
  • 44:10 Group B - Lithuania, Italy, Germany
  • 1:00:00 - finish Group C - Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary

We also give another plug for our Patreon content, so check that out for instant reaction podcasts breaking down the big games, like we did on Thursday and Friday nights. There will be more of those this week as the group stage builds to a climax. A Mozgov-sized shoutout of thanks and appreciation to everyone who subscribed so far.