As Panathinaikos confirms Ale Gentile will follow in his father’s footsteps and don the famous Green uniform, Rob, Austin and George debate what this means for their Final Four prospects, and pick over the bones of a huge win against Fenerbahçe.

We also send some praise to Bamberg as they didn’t mess anything up, discuss who could possibly take over in Tel Aviv (stop us if you’ve heard that one before), bring to light the big problem with slippery floor stickers and throw in some half-baked scouting reports from the FIBA European U18s.

  • 00:00 - 23:40: Intro / Gentile / Panathinaikos / Fenerbahçe
  • 23:40 - 33:20: Bamberg, Efes and some insane shooting stats
  • 33:30 - 43:50: Maccabi’s coaching search
  • 43:50 - 48:30: Slippy situation
  • 48:30 - 1:02:30: FIBA u18s

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Now more than any other time, wishing you love, peace and basketball, wherever and whoever you are.