Oh Eurobasket, it seems as if only a few days ago we were anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We couldn’t wait to see Spain dominate, watch Lithuania play with that fire we’ve come to know, all while doormats like Germany and Macedonia flounder and die under the pressure.  Well, here’s the thing:  Spain sucked, Lithuania was lifeless, and Germany and Macedonia sprung upsets to advance.  Oh, and did I mention Poland played some of the most inspired basketball you’ll ever see in international competition?  Damn.  What a week.  And to think: we’re just getting started.

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ONE MORE NOTE: We realize the Jonah Keri podcast was actually not the Jonah Keri podcast, but instead a re-run from a few weeks ago.  We’re not sure why that happened, but it’s all resolved now.  Humblest of apologies, now go and listen to the real one!  Jonah drops knowledge.

Spanoulis is one of the few stars who actually lived up to the billing in the first week.