Join the ELA podcast crew of Rob Scott, George Rowland and Austin Green as they debate each other’s All-Euroleague picks for November, weigh up whether Alex Renfroe is an upgrade at Barcelona, where next for Russdiculous and we throw open to you, the listeners, who you’d pick for an All-Euro Team to win the $2m top prize in The Basketball Tournament.

00:00 - 18:20: Intro and All-Euroleague picks for November

18:20 - 36:25: Best Win and Worst Loss

36:25 - 47:00 Weekly MVP/LVP

47:00 - 58:50 - Alex Renfroe and Russ Smith

58:50 - end - All- Euro Basketball Tournament Team?

Here is Russ Smith’s DraftExpress scouting report from 2014 in case you want to decide for yourself. Could he be the answer for your club? Let us know in the comments, and hit us up too with your Tournament team picks. Here’s the TBT podcast with Austin, be sure to give it a listen.

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