A pioneer.

By: Freaknick

My mouth opens, and out pours the news that I’m running a website devoted to European basketball.  I take a look at the familiar furrowed brow of my audience, and I have my answer ready before the words even leave their lips.

“He’s doing just fine. His team made it to Greek finals and the Euroleague Final Four.”

Pause.  New question.  Always the same.

“A little under 10 points per game and about 5 rebounds.”

Disappointment.  Confusion.  That “I told you so” look.  Actually, more like that “I would have told you so if anybody had cared what I had to tell” look.

I can’t defend him.  It would take too long and I wouldn’t get anywhere.  So I’ll just ask you the same thing: how is Josh Childress doing over there?

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