By: Freaknick

In a futile attempt at pacifying their young, mothers across the world frequently remind their children that “It takes 10 times more muscles to frown than it does to smile!”  Once the youngster grows older and is more concerned with cosmetics, Oprah would preach that “Frowning causes wrinkles, so smile, smile, smile!”  Motherly folk and Oprah alike would surely see their advice confronted and then flattened in the face-or should I say faces-of Sarunas Jasikevicius.  Contrary to facial convention, Mr. Jasikevicius actually uses the intrinsic testosterone of his frowns to build muscle, and he has been known to banish wrinkles with the raising of an eyebrow.  In fact, the former husband of his Widow’s Peak hairline is not dead at all; he was deathly frightened of Sarunas after coming in close contact with a full-fledged grimace and decided to search for a friendlier forehead.