Sinan Guler: Betcha can’t do it like me

Freaknick: The question everybody wants to ask: when you play for Efes Pilsen, do they give you a little card that gets you free Efes Pilseners in any Turkish (or European) bar?  If so, can you ask them if they’ll sponsor us?

Sinan Guler: Wish that could happen man, and I am sad that you are on the other side of the ocean, you are missing out on a great tasting beer.  We don’t get cards or anything, but we can get a case of beer pretty much whenever we want.

FN: You’re in a backcourt with two Alphonso Ford Trophy winners in Charles Smith and Igor Rakocevic. For your money, who wins in a game of H-O-R-S-E?

SG: This is really a tough question,but if dunking is allowed, then Charles would be the definite winner. But the game would be in the middle if it would just be regular shots..

Sinan GulerFN: In an earlier piece, we gave you some grief for listening to Jesse McCartney.  If you had to pick a J-Mac song to be Efes Pilsen’s theme this year, which one would it be?  If J-Mac isn’t working out, then any old song will do.

SG: I told you before, I listened to that song because Ludacris was in it, and it was in the top 40 UK. So it is not my intention to listen any of his songs. But I really can’t think of any songs to explain our theme yet, I need more time for this question..

FN: OK, let’s make a deal right here, right now: if you dunk between your legs in a Euroleague game this year, I WILL SHAVE MY HEAD. But if you don’t, what’s the penalty? Maybe wear a “Slam and Freaknick’s Euroleague Adventures” temporary tattoo during one of your games? Any other ideas?

SG: Let’s just think of another punishment because I don’t think I will have the chance to get any kinda dunks in Euroleague this year. I think I will have limited time on the court with the loaded team we have.

FN: Here at Euroleague Adventures, we’re trying to get the biggest private fantasy league in the world.  First of all, would you care to join? And second of all, make your case to our readers that you deserve a spot on their teams.

SG: Sure I would join. You should pick me because you want to have a nice back up player, that would bring in decent index rating when the chance is given. Other than that, if I am picked by anybody, it’s probably because people just think I am an all-around nice person. ;)

FN: Over the summer you had the chance to play with Fenerbahce Ulker big men Oguz Savas, Semih Erden and Omer Asik for Team Turkey.  Be honest: did you give them a hard time for the way your Efes team came back and dominated in last year’s Turkish finals?

SG: We kinda did. It was fun to be around those guys, and pretty much everybody gets along so well that those jokes go really well, especially before the Eurobasket. Then, once it started we focused more on our goals.

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