A few months ago during my second layover en route to Lithuania, I stopped through a pizza parlor for a bite. While my pie was baking I popped open my laptop and applied for my FIBA credentials. Didn’t take too long. Eight or nine minutes maybe. It said I would hear by June 15. I dismissed my chances of going to Turkey, applauded my “good enough” effort and sat down to the best European pizza I ate outside of Rome (seriously).

And when June 15 rolled around, I still hadn’t heard a peep. Oh well, there’s always Eurobasket. And the next day when I checked my e-mails, I saw what I never could’ve expected: my credentials had gone through. Your boy was headed to Istanbul.

So as I sit here typing this up, my plane is probably on it way to Syracuse to whisk me away to Turkey—well, after stops in New York City, then Amsterdam, and then finally on over to Constantinople. And while I’m there, here’s what you can expect:

-Live blogs, live blogs and more live blogs. Each game I attend will be documented here on ELA, with a few being live Tweeted to mix things up.

-Podcasts. As close to daily as I can and with as many willing guests as I can find.

-Videos. Mostly of me rambling into my computer screen, but you’re used to that, so…

-More live blogs. Seriously, like a lot.

-Pictures from that bad ass new Taylor Swift camera. Not even Kanye can stop my point-and-clickage.

-Daily power rankings. I’ve been asked to come on ACB’s “panel of experts”—surely a translation issue—to compile daily rankings of the teams moving up, down, or staying right where they were.

-Hopefully something a little more un-boring. I’ve never claimed objectivity a day in my life and I don’t plan on starting now.

-Discussion. This is where you come in. This site thrives off of your comments, and as I’ve done in the past, I’ll try to address as many as I can individually. I love nothing more than having my opinions questioned, so bring it on like Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union (weren’t they jsut great together?).

Time to pack my Mac, some random electrical converters, plenty of socks and water wings in case my hotel has a pool. With that, I bid you all adieu and want to say thank you for making this trip possible for me.

It’s going to be a baller ass couple weeks.