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  1. I have a problem chnaigrg sick people money lolSandra you owe us 79,648 and 22 cents!!!!And I want my money now!!!!!!Work Clair!!!You take himTake him in the wilderness and drop him off!!!!If they would have opened a resturant, diner, cafe or clothing store it would have been be OK, but a wilderness store, Hell no

  2. That’s Parents for you though. Parents aylaws say all that stuff about following your own path or whatever. But they really do cling to certain ideas about how they want their kids to end up. That’s just how they are.

  3. Claire : We owe it to Sondra and Elven to live their own lives.Good advice to bad a few mituens later she didn’t fallow her own advice when she learned Sondra didn’t want to go to Law School.

  4. Yeah, but camping in the woods. I know clpuoes who went to Disney for their honey moons. One of my good friends spend a week in the Caribbean then spent the other week in his apartment with his wife.

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