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  1. Love the insight you guys have provided on each of these international NBA prospects, any future prospects that are Israeli-born?

    1. I wonder who I would take as nuebmr one?most athletic: Ben McLemorequickest: Victor Oladipobest perimeter defender(s): Oladipo, Otto Porterbest shooter: Ben McLemorebest interior defender(s): Alex Len, Jeff Withey, Gorgui Dieng, Nerlens Noelbest post scorer: Anthony BennettIt is close, but if I wanted the best player I would go with McLemore because he has a special stroke and has a chance to develop into an elite defender.If I were going for team needs (I think Cavs need a big) I would nix Noel who is skinny, raw, and cannot score and take C Alex Len, who out played both Noel and Mason Plumlee head-to-head.

    2. Quite superior alticre. We basically discovered your website and desired to say that We have really liked studying your blog and posts. Anyways I’ll be following your feed and I hope to study your blog again.

    3. Pour ma part c’est cheveux méchés blonds et ma couleur naturelle est blonde foncée.Ca fait plus de deux ans que je les mèche et j’en suis satisfaite. Je précise que j’ai les cheveux courts donc tous les deux mois c’est coupe et comme il ne reste pas de mèches on en refait!!!

    4. On October 3, thirty high scohol students from Mount Si’s Key Club visited the homes of two elderly folks in North Bend. Armed with gloves, garden tools, and determination ..they set out to offer assistance to these homeowners where the labor had simply become too big an obstacle. The students split and stacked firewood, trimmed overgrown bushes and hedges, brought garden beds back to objects of beauty, raked leaves, and filled an enormous trailer with discarded and rotting lumber that was taken to the dump. The best part of this endeavor was the smiles and hugs given by the homeowners to these high scohol Key Clubbers. That so many showed up at their homes to Pay it Forward was overwhelming and one of the most heart-warming experiences I have seen. Way to go Mount Si Key Club!

      1. Ah!Gaston! Vous me mettez en joie! Merci d’avoir relevé cette faute de frappe! Voilà une réflexion qui élève le débat, sinon jusqu’à la lune, au moins jusqu’au doigt…Vous m&ueero;sxcuserqz de ne pas corriger de la même façon chacun de vos commentaires: le temps me manque.

    5. Wow. I usually agree with you, but honestly, your assessment of Ugly Betty is just plain wrong. Each character is portrayed, while not realistically, with both strengths and flaws, and the show does contain a good message, which is be true to yourself. It’s light and fluffy and stereotypical, but it’s not the piece of crap that you make it out to be. It’s a lot better than Grey’s Anatomy, that’s for sure.

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