Thanks to everyone who checked out the site, , and any Twittering for #ABAWeek.  It was fun to do a deep dive into one particular league and we’ll look to continue the theme during the year diving into other leagues and getting more writers involved.  Here’s a look at everything that came out of the Adriatic week that was.


Building A Backcourt: Vasilije Micic, Nenad Miljenovic, and Mega Vizura by Sam Meyerkopf (@HoopLikeDrazen)

A French Trio Blossoming In Partizan by Valentin Le Clezio (@BBFromLA)

Partizan and the quest for space by @rodhig7

Mega Vizura, Partizan head list of youngest Euro teams by Simon Jatsch (@sjacas)


#ABAWeek PODCAST: Partizan And Red Star Taking On The Euroleague

PODCAST: All Dario Saric Everything

Cool @sjacas Graphs

Mouph Yarou (@Myarou13) is making noise this season. Here’s where his scoring comes from.

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Other Shouts

These pieces were not directly related to #ABAWeek but they very beautifully released while it was going so a necessary shout-out is in order. Take a look into Partizan’s direct competition for a Top 16 spot, a Vasilije Micic Draft Express video, and best of luck to Leo.

Quelle Surprise – Can Nanterre Keep It Going? by Rob Scott (@robscott33)

Micic Distributing for Mega by Mike Schmitz (@Mike_Schmitz)   

Partizan NIS loses Westermann to knee injury - Lastly, apparently Leo Westermann might be out for the season. It would be a crushing blow to the Euro hoops season and the ABA. We wish Leo the fastest of recovers.  He’s one of the pieces that makes the ABA special.