Partizan had more than they could handle, but at least they could admit the source of their shortcomings.

By: Freaknick

My debut article for SLAM Magazine focuses on Partizan Belgrade’s 32-point loss against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night.  After the game, I talked to a handful of players and one thing was refreshingly consistent: the admission of their fear.  Although the result was not what they hoped for, their level of self-awareness is something that is rarely seen in today’s world of macho athletes. I take a look at fear in sports, from lame excuses to NBA tattoos. Below is an excerpt from the article, and here’s a link to the entire article.  Please leave comments here and/or on SLAM, as I would love your feedback.  Thanks so much everybody, and a special thanks to my Serbian who followed the live action on Twitter.  Your comments mean a lot.

The sporting world treats fear as though it were some awful, incurable affliction that eats away at one’s dignity. Seldom is it even mentioned and rarely—if ever—is it embraced. Instead of masking fear with a loud mouth or a cheap elbow, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to step back for a second, acknowledge the problem, and then fix it.

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