New Zealand

Your headquarters for New Zealand basketball during the 2010 FIBA World Championships from Turkey. Check back for roster moves, news, updates and commentary.

Name (Last, First)AgePositionHeightClub Team 2009-2010 (League)
Penney, Kirk29Shooting Guard6'5" | 1.95 mNew Zealand Breakers (New Zealand)
Cameron, Pero36Power Forward6'6" | 1.98 mGolden Coast Blaze (Australia)
Bradshaw, Craig27Power Forward6'9" | 2.05 mGolden Coast Blaze
Fitchett, Michael 27Guard6'0" | 1.83 mNelson Giants (New Zealand)
Frank, Casey32Forward6'8" | 2.03 mGolden Coast Blaze (Australia)
Pledger, Alex23Center7'0" | 2.13 mBelmont Abbey Crusader (NCAA)
Tait, Lindsay28Point Guard6'3" | 1.90 mWellington Saints (New Zealand)
Vukona, Mika28Forward6'4" | 1.93 mNew Zealand Breakers (New Zealand)
Webster, Corey21Shooting Guard6'2" | 1.89 mNew Zealand Breakers (New Zealand)
Henry, Leon24Small Forward6'7" | 2.00 mWellington Saints (New Zealand)
Abercrombie, Thomas23Small Forward6'6" | 1.98 mNew Zealand Breakers (New Zealand)
Kenney, Jarrod23Point Guard6'2" | 1.88 mEasy LPG Bay Hawks (New Zealand)
Loe, Robert19Center6'10" | 2.09 mSaint Louis Billikens (NCAA)
Anthony, B.J.21Power Forward6'5" | 1.96 mHarbour Heat (New Zealand)