12/20/09 - Turkish Chocolate

Freaknick: How nice was it to see Igor Rakocevic get going the last two weeks, even in losing efforts?

Sinan Guler: It’s always to see a nice scoring performance.. We were waiting for this kind of a performance by him, not to put any pressure on him, but his scoring capability can still take us to the next level.

FN: Tough game this week against Unicaja, but usually you guys are money playing at home. What makes it so tough to beat Efes in the Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall?

SG: First, a reminder, due to a swimming championship that’s being held in Abdi Ipekci, we have been playing in our TBL gym, Ayhan Sahenk and we lost a tough one against Malaga tonight. We play better at home usually but tonight we couldn’t hit our shots in the first half.

FN: Break down your team’s chances of moving on. Biggest issues? Biggest strengths going forward? Which players need to step up?

SG: With this loss against Malaga, our chances are not good, but Partizan losing in France gave us some hope. Our biggest issues are definitely defensive rebounds, and consistency in defense I think. We have no problem in scoring.

FN: Is there another player in Europe or in America that you try to model your game after?

SG: I used to try to play like Jason Williams (yeah, the White Chocolate himself). But now I look at the players in the same position like I am, and I try to take example on what they are best at.

FN: So, you and your older brother Muratcan play one-on-one…who wins? (Be honest, otherwise we might have to ask him to verify.)

SG: It has been awhile since we played one-on-one, we are both busy with basketball, we don’t even find time to hang out. But when we used to play when we were younger, it was usually him that was winning.

FN: When Efes plays Besiktas Cola Turka, who do your parents root for?

SG: My parents usually root for the home team.. They think that no matter what the home team should win.