Bo McCalebb is in Turkey, and he brought some friends: David Andersen, Mike Batiste, Romain Sato will join him as Simone Pianigiani tries to wrangle Fenerbahçe Ülker’s talent and turn into a Final Four berth.

But they’ll have competition from a retooled Panathinaikos squad, the tricky, Trinchieri-coached Cantú side and the scariest offensive arsenal in all of Europe: Real Madrid.  Khimki Moscow Region might also sink its teeth into a Top 16 spot while Union Olimpija will have to scrap for every W they get, if they can even get one.

We talk about all six in detail, give our All-Group teams and pick the finish, one through six.

Follow along with Euroleague depth charts provided by In-The-Game here, and give us your take below.  Who did we snub, and whose Kool-Aid are sipping too strongly?