Killing time is one of life’s most celebrated crimes, and Sporcle just might be the perfect murder weapon. From NBA scoring leaders to amphibians whose names begin with the letter ‘k’, Sporcle’s quizzes range from the glaringly obvious to the impossibly obscure. And God love ‘em for it.

But there is one area in one which the Kings of Quiz lack: European basketball. Imagine that.

ELA will try to fill  that void. It’s a large one, so it might take a minute. The people at the Internet assure me they’ll stay open long enough to finish our project, so we should be absent any time constraints. Hope you don’t mind sticking around for a few years.

But every journey starts with a small step, and we’ve chosen ours. Didn’t have to wrestle with the decision too long, actually:

Can you name every European basketball champion since 1958?

This is just the first of plenty. Check back underneath our Features toolbar in the Sporcle section for the newest quizzes. Make sure and post your scores in the comments. If we’re impressed, we might even leave a congratulatory reply.

Enjoy, folks.