Slam vs. Freaknick: Whose Mock Draft Sucked Less?

Slam vs. Freaknick: Whose Mock Draft Sucked Less?

By: Nick Gibson / @euro_adventures

Looking for a new way to waste time? Well, when the draft rolls around next year, mock up an NBA Draft. Sixty players fill sixty slots, and it’s usually about as arbitrary as “Team X could use a [insert position of need].  Player Y and Player Z both play that position. I like Player Y more than Player Z, therefore…”

Do that 59 more times and you’ve successfully mocked it out, throwing out a beautiful June day in the process. And we wonder why our nation’s collective gut hangs over its britches.

Seeing as Slam and I are both geeky and competitive, the stage was set for a duel: whose wasted time could yield more accurate results? We figured out a scoring method as arbitrary as the picks themselves and duked it out. But before we release the results, some of the stranger/funnier/more pathetic moments of the night:

  • Tristan Thompson leaps half the board to land in Cleveland, America’s nicest city besides the other ones. Slam had him 16th, I had him 18th, giving us a combined 26-pick whiff.
  • Our 24-27 picks all had the same foursome of players—Bogdanovic, Tyler Honeycutt, Jeremy Tyler, Josh Selby—yet not a single one event went in the first round.
  • Slam had Cory Joseph at #49. I had him in Europe or the D-League. He went 30th to the Spurs and should have a role next year with George Hill on his way to Indiana. (Oops.)
  • Players we both had getting drafted  that didn’t get drafted: Malcolm Thomas, LaceDarius Dunn, Robin Benzing, Rick Jackson, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Michael Dunigan.
  • Players neither of us had getting drafted that did get drafted: Tanguy Ngombo, Jon Diebler, Milan Macvan, Chu Chu Maduabaum, Ater Majok, Isaiah Thomas, Lavoy Allen, Josh Harrellson

And the winner is…

Freaknick’s Mock Draft Results

First Round = 29 points; Second Round = 19 points
TOTAL: 48 points

1ClevelandKyrie Irving (3 pts)31MiamiCharles Jenkins
2MinnesotaDerrick Williams (3 pts)32ClevelandKyle Singler (2 pts)
3UtahBrandon Knight33DetroitDeAndre Liggins
4ClevelandJonas Valanciunas34WashingtonJaJuan Johnson
5TorontoEnes Kanter35SacramentoChandler Parsons
6WashingtonJan Vesely (3 pts)36New JerseyJordan Williams (5 pts)
7CharlotteBismack Biyombo (3 pts)37LA ClippersJustin Harper
8DetroitKawhi Leonard38HoustonDavis Bertans
9CharlotteKemba Walker (3 pts)39CharlotteShelvin Mack
10SacramentoJimmer Fredette (3 pts)40MilwaukeeMalcolm Lee
11Golden StateMarcus Morris41LA LakersDarius Morris (5 pts)
12UtahAlec Burks (3 pts)42IndianaAndrew Goudelock
13PhoenixDonatas Motiejunas43ChicagoTravis Leslie
14HoustonChris Singleton44Golden StateTrey Thompkins
15IndianaMarshon Brooks45New OrleansBen Hansborough
16PhiladelphiaMarkieff Morris46LA LakersLaceDarius Dunn
17New YorkKenneth Faried47LA ClippersKeith Benson (2 pts)
18WashingtonTristan Thompson48AtlantaMichael Dunigan
19MilwaukeeJordan Hamilton49MemphisRobin Benzing
20MinnesotaKlay Thompson50Philadelphia*Rick Jackson*
21PortlandNolan Smith (4 pts)51PortlandMatthew Bryan-Amaning
22DenverNikola Vucevic52DenverE'Twaun Moore
23HoustonTobias Harris53OrlandoMalcolm Thomas
24Oklahoma CityJeremy Tyler54ClevelandDavid Lighty
25BostonTyler Honeycutt55BostonCam Long
26DallasBojan Bogdanovic56LA LakersIsaiah Thomas
27New JerseyJosh Selby57DallasReggie Jackson
28ChicagoNorris Cole (4 pts)58LA LakersJon Leuer
29San AntonioNikola Mirotic59San AntonioAdam Hanga 5 pts)
30BullsIman Shumpert60SacramentoJimmy Butler

Slam’s Mock Draft

First Round = 16 points; Second Round = 12 points

1ClevelandKyrie Irving (3 pts)31MiamiNolan Smith
2MinnesotaDerrick Williams (3 pts)32ClevelandJustin Harper (5 pts)
3UtahJan Vesely33DetroitReggie Jackson
4ClevelandJonas Valanciunas34WashingtonTravis Leslie
5TorontoBrandon Knight35SacramentoNikola Mirotic
6WashingtonEnes Kanter36New JerseyJaJuan Johnson
7CharlotteBismack Biyombo (3 pts)37LA ClippersJordan Williams (2 pts)
8DetroitMarcus Morris38HoustonCharles Jenkins
9CharlotteKawhi Leonard39CharlotteIman Shumpert
10SacramentoKemba Walker40MilwaukeeChandler Parsons
11Golden StateAlec Burks41LA LakersMalcolm Lee
12UtahJimmer Fredette42IndianaTrey Thompkins
13PhoenixKlay Thompson43Chicago*Shelvin Mack*
14HoustonDonatas Motiejunas (1 pt)44Golden StateJimmy Butler
15IndianaMarkieff Morris45New OrleansE'twaun Moore
16PhiladelphiaTristan Thompson46LA LakersAndrew Goudelock (5 pts)
17New YorkChris Singleton (1 pts)47LA ClippersLaceDarius Dunn
18WashingtonKenneth Faried48AtlantaMalcolm Thomas
19MilwaukeeNikola Vucevic49MemphisCory Joseph
20MinnesotaMarshon Brooks50PhiladelphiaDeAndre Liggins
21PortlandDarius Morris51PortlandRick Jackson
22DenverTobias Harris52DenverJon Leuer
23HoustonJordan Hamilton53OrlandoJereme Richmond
24Oklahoma CityBojan Bogdanovic54ClevelandMichael Dunigan
25BostonJeremy Tyler55BostonSteven Gray
26DallasTyler Honeycutt56LA LakersGreg Smith
27New JerseyJosh Selby57DallasRobin Benzing
28ChicagoNorris Cole (4 pts)58LA LakersMatthew Bryan-Amaning
29San AntonioDavis Bertans (1 pts)59San AntonioKeith Benson
30ChicagoKyle Singler60SacramentoJacob Pullen