Little known fact about Osama: huge Euroleague fan. So we had this commenter from Abbottabad, Pakistan who kept spamming us with these al-Qaeda propaganda sites at the end of his rants about how Ksistof Lavrinovic is overrated and David Moss doesn’t get enough love. Finally, I put two and two together, let the CIA know what was up and they handled it. Not saying we’re heroes, but…

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OPEN - 25:34: It’s time for the Las Ramblas Rumble™. Here’s how it works:

  • Seven picks per person
  • Must pick five positionally appropriate players (PG through C)
  • Two bench slots can be any position you’d like. Want a small forward and a center? Done. Two power forwards? That’s fine, also. You wield the power. Use it wisely.
  • Combined RKG for those players will determine the winner. Third place game counts, too, so that you can pick recklessly.
  • Leave your seven-man squad at the bottom, and if you have a cool dad or decent friend, ask him to draft with you. The camaraderie makes it special.

25:35 - 32:00: Team ELA chimes in on Twitter an Facebook

  • @b_mey have any euro prospects fallen off at all recently? How are they benefitting from a lot of guys staying in school?
  • @LTUMarty would love to hear your thoughts on the LKL finals that are starting tomorrow.
  • @robscott33 is Pana vs Montepaschi the real final? Kinda feels like it is, bearing in mind who they had to beat in QF series.

32:01 - CLOSE: Time for predictions. Semifinals and championship. We pick the winners and tell you what the scoreboard’s going to look like. Think you can do better? Post your scores below.